Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Final days in Tokyo

Tried this place in Akihabara and didn't like. My favourite Japanese fast food place aka Matsuya, Tokyo Chikara Mashi etc is now Yoshinoya. The gyudon I had in Osaka was awesome. Should have had more Yoshinoya instead.

One of the few remaining smoking places in Akiba. This one behind Laox is my favourite cause not many use it.

Hobby Japan office in Shinjuku close to Fuunji.

I so wanted to kidnap this life size Shokotan figure and bring her back with me so I can uh stare into her eyes.

Went to Numabukuro, half an hour walk from Nakano.

Mutepou tonkotsu ramen at Numabukuro. The soup is as good as Ogi's but the ramen and chashu are not as good.

Still I'd recommend Muteppou. There are not that many real tonkotsu places in Tokyo.

With Tanaka-san at Hotaru. He lives in Nagoya so I recommended him Irodori and he recommended me Rio which is close to Asakusabashi station. I thought I had looked up all the Girls Bars and Snacks in that area but I never did search for カラオケバー。

Tanaka and Etsuko clearing 87% on Ai ga umareta hi. The highest I ever got was 84%. As previously mentioned you clear 87%, you get a free bottle of shouchu except Wednesday when its 85%. Ggrr. Etsuko is a super jukujo/milf.

Mama gave me a bottle of shouchu, hyakunen no kodoku which means hundred years of solitude. Of course I refused but Tanaka-san said, "Just take it. Its omotenashi."

Apparently its the crown prince's favourite drink.  I never imagined learning words like 太子 from RPGs would ever come in handy.

Went to Harajuka just to see if the Nike shop was still selling the Slam Dunk shoes. Unfortunately, no. I really want a pair but the prices on yahoo auctions are crazy.

With Yuni from Hotaru who mistook Kenshiro for Jojo. I can't believe there are Japanese who don't know their national icons.

Went to Rokurinsha at Tokyo Ramen Street because it had the longest lines but it was so mediocre. Should have eaten at Fuunii or Itou. Don't know why people like this mild fishy tsukemen.

Asakusabashi at night.

My last meal is always Coco Ichi cause there's a 24 hour one close one nearby. I went to Karaoke Bar Rio but didn't like it. Half the girls were from China. You have to buy a bottle and Tanaka said to use his but I just bought one and wrote his name on it. Don't think I'll be going back there again but Hotaru I definitely shall.


dgundam said...

whos yuni? sorry dont know much about japanese icons.

also how do u tell their chinese? they have bad japanese?

Akiramike said...

Yuni is the girl working at Hotaru. I'm wearing a Kenshiro shirt (from Hokuto no Ken) which she mistook for Jojo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure). The Japanese icons thing was a joke in reference to famous manga characters.

They had good Japanese. Its just the Chinese accent is so thick you can hear it from the first sentence.