Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jdorama ramblings 11/12/14


Goddamn! Sen Taxi is pretty good! As mentioned by 4545, the more connected, the episodes are, the better they get. Kind of like Shinya Shokudo and the various interesting supporting characters. Plus, all the guest stars are actors that I like who can act. Thumbs up to whoever is in charge of casting.

Episode 7 is super funny with Kanjiya Shihori playing a motoyan. I think it is my favourite episode so far along with 3 and 5. I like how they start to introduce different rules like how the taxi driver himself cannot change his actions although this rule is negated by episode 8.

I like how Takenouchi Yutaka's taxi driver is quirky and not cool like his self denial about being a pashiri. I like how he continues to try to improve his taxi service, lol. If this were a KimuTaku show, he would be trying too hard to look cool. Without bframe's recommendation, I wouldn't have tried Sen Taxi because when was the last good Takenouchi Yutaka dorama?

My favourite thing about episode 8 was the return of Usuda Asami's character and the doctor's cameo at the end. A nice feel good episode without being too sappy. If the quality continues, I just might declare Suteki na Sen Taxi a must watch! Can't wait for episode 9 and more Hanzai Deka!


Nothing much to say except it is watchable with funny moments but never comes close to being good. Mitsushima Hikari should be given more to do and there are times when Nishikido's acting is not enough to carry the show. Ultimately, the script is just familiar fluff. Watchable but I'd rather rewatch Suzuki sensei for the third time.


Arrrghh. This Eikura Nana and her harem show is so freaking slow. Female viewers might like all the gazing at each other stuff but I'm not satisfied being fed minute crumbs in regards to the main murder mystery. There's no freaking tension in episodes 3 and 4. There's no reason for me to keep watching.

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