Thursday, December 18, 2014

Suteki na Sen Taxi Ep 9

Amusing episode where time travel was not used. I'm enjoying the Edawakare character and the running jokes like him being a pashiri. I liked the pay off with the hairstyle fortune of the day joke. If you think about it the part with the clock doesn't really have a purpose in the scheme of things. Edawakare just needed to get the two guys in the cafe.

It was an amusing episode that was carried by Edawakare's antics. One more episode to go and fingers crossed its a good one.


Antspace said...

This series has the dryest humor.
And were set up for season two!
The ratings were reasonable: 10.37%
so it should work out! I'll be watching again : )

Anonymous said...

Great drama and I hope you've given it a must watch as I always enjoy your must watch drama. Thank you again for this recommendation!