Thursday, December 25, 2014

Suteki na Sen Taxi ep 10

The last episode deals with how Edawakare became the taxi driver and its pretty amusing, especially to see that his character traits were not the result of his job. I always thought his indecisiveness was due to his job. We also get Shirushi-san's true identity. That said, there were plenty of hints dropped throughout the series especially as to how Shirushi and the cafe people knew about his job.

Generally, Suteki na Sen Taxi is a smartly written series but I am unable to give it a must watch because it didn't have enough must watch episodes for me (episodes 3, 5 and 7). There are no bad episodes though so Suteki na Sen Taxi is stuck in pretty good but not that good limbo. Same thing with River's Edge.

The ending leaves room open for a sequel but I'm not sure I want to see this continue. The writer Bakarythm did a very good job but its going to be harder to maintain the quality for season 2 and not repeat himself. That being said, I highly recommend Suteki na Sen Taxi. Please give it up to episode 3 cause that's when it really got going for me.


I will never buy another Furyu game because they are one of those gimmick game publisher (see the ToLoveRu game) but the gimmick of Legend of Legacy is that they've a lot former Square people uncluding the writer of Chrono Trigger to work on it. Question is whether they were given enough time and resources to complete the game. Most likely it has the budget of a smartphone game.

However, its old school turn based, the characters aren't a bunch of emo teenagers, its not one of those RPGs where everyone can be a fighter/mage/healer and its got a frog! Better to support a low budget RPG where the right people got hired than a low budget, souless moe one. I've got one more month to make up my mind.


Watching these two gameplay videos is so fun but so torturous because the game is so close but so far away. If you are a sukebe, you must watch the gameplay video below. Ryu ga Gotoku 0 is my most anticipated game of 2015.


dgundam said...

i agree, suteki was good better than i thought it would be from just reading the description, but its not great.

by the way where did u find the last episode's subtitle?

on another note, im glad their finally going to bring yakuza 5 to NA next year, i imported it, and never finished it.

VampireXxX said...

I'm a bit disappointed because i was hoping the last episode will be epic =.= but then again i agree overall the drama is entertaining...

here is the last episode was timed for the raw @nyaa so i don't know if it will sync with furransu's raw!8B9GFIAb!Z18MofAuI_eOOQvrqjka-tWdJDQiU6mlOhZMPy4nlEM

Jung said...

This show was great... solid B+. Couldn't have found better guy to play the driver the Yutaka. Versatile actor. I do want to see him take on some truly evil role.

whelp, guess there was no lady joker in 2014...

4545 said...

Yeah, Sentakushi could've used more consistency.

It's like the minimum quality of every episode needed to be what was shown (in my opinion) in episodes 4 and 8. Where they kept things simple and just explored various cascading effect(s).

And episodes 9 and 10 actually had a good premise, only that it lacked execution.