Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mano Erina Calender 2015

Time for the annual Mano Erina calender post! Every year, she's always had the best calenders.

Uh, boring January picture. The Mano Date photobook had better basketball pictures.

Sexy with one bare shoulder. Makes me wonder if she's wearing anything else. :)

Mmm. I like the OL look.

Ok inaka photo. They should have just zoomed the bottom left picture.

Nice ohayo gozaimasu photo.

Very standard bikini photo. Meh.

This inaka photo I really like.

Obligatory summer bikini photo.


Ooooh. Very nice Mano Erina pretending to be naked in the morning pictures. Me like.

I don't mind this one.

Sexy Mano Erina. :)

Deleted photos. I like the white dress in the fields one and the rain picture on the bottom left. They should have replaced the standard bikini pictures with those two.

Last page. Not a bad calender. Could have been better.


4545 said...

Damn, she looks pretty hot in the bottom right pics of the OL and 'Meh' shots. And her appearance in SenTakushi kinda showed off her picture-perfect face too.

Pastaman Holodoc said...

I've ordered the calendar last night, thx for the pix :-)