Friday, August 02, 2013

Woman ep 5

Awwwww, poor plant.

They kind of pulled a bait and switch with the ep 5 preview. I thought Koharu was going to tell Usuda Asami about her leukemia and it turned into Usuda Asami telling Koharu that she's divorced. Looks like Suzuki sensei finally did it with Ogawa Somi in real life, lol.

Gave me flashbacks to the Suzuki sensei movie church scene. lol

So Woman, which started out as a fractured relationship dorama is now just another leukemia dorama. I just can't get excited about that. The Japanese government should pass a law that there be no leukemia doramas for the next 10 years. Let's bring back the good old blind/deaf/limping/wheelchair cute girl doramas.

That said, Mitsushima Hikari killed the last scene. She can make the cheesiest lines believable because she says it with such conviction that I actually believe she will somehow beat this disease. However, one has to consider the fact that she has no money and will probably need to continue working to make ends meet. If anyone can make me sit through another fatal disease dorama, its Mitsushima Hikari.

 I like how the doctor underplayed his reaction to Mitsushima Hikari's performance.

Don't really care about the training doctor's story. She finally got her big scene today where she reveals her motivations and she's having first world problems compared Koharu so meh.

So we have this scene where Koharu's mom and step-sister completely ignore her and her kids. It doesn't work for me cause its not like they were on friendly terms to begin with. The relationship was not built up enough for the cold shoulder to mean anything. Its more like deep down, Koharu knows that her kids will either end up in an orphanage or with her mother.

Yes, why don't you. Plenty of trains in Japan or you can use the Tokyo Sky Tree.

I've still got not feelings towards Shiori. I like the mother-daughter moment where Shiori is whining and her mom's taking down her pictures and there's a playful moment. A mother's ability to love a monster of a child is an interesting subject to look at.

This was such a cruel scene.

The way I see Woman going is Shiori and her mom are going to find out about the leukemia, they are going to feel guilty and they are going to take care of the kids. I am going to have to stop thinking about what might have been an just enjoy the ride.

Actually after thinking about for a while, the whole reason for this leukemia thing is probably a bone marrow transplant from Shiori. Sakamoto Yuji chose leukemia for a reason and is probably shooting for the 'I hate you but I need your bone marrow' speech as the highlight of this series. Now if only I can figure out why he made Oguri Shun a mountaineer.


Anonymous said...

Wish I hadn't read this now hehe! I've not even caught this ep yet.

But truthfully speaking. If I read that Mitsushima Hikari was going to be in a leukemia drama -- I'd moan a little but I'd watch it!
If I knew Sakamoto Yuji was gonna write a leukemia drama I'd watch that in a heartbeat! Wouldn't even question it.

I hate terminal illness doramas as much as the next person but then there are always exceptions - think Kaze no Garden.

So, I'm still holding out hope that even if the story may not be to my liking - it may still hopefully be a qualitative, worthwhile watch.
Still 6 or so episodes to go yet, let's see.

alundiss2 said...

Lol I think that was just a random idea from one of the filming staff and the writer took it seriously!

After watching ep 5 I have got to say that I might be following in Su's optimism in holding some hope for this series regardless.

The 'pretending to swim' scene brought me back to ep1 and makes me wish that the remaining eps can just contain the same elements and raw subtle stuff that makes this drama so worthwhile.

Its just that Shiori and her presence slices the whole drama apart. It's like I'm immersed in this drama and enjoying the ambience of it all and then she appears with her bike and villager attire and I just run off and wash my face or clean my room. It's like she's the announcer saying "this is a drama...remember?" Cos I'm here and I'm trying to act like I had a past but I don't really understand the character myself". I know I am being overly harsh but I think I'll just accept that the quality of the first 3 eps are too high to maintain and thus I should just enjoy the ride myself.

If I can ignore Shiori's appearances and overlook the drama's proclivity for similes I think I'll be able to appreciate the other good things in this drama.