Saturday, August 10, 2013

Woman ep 6

It took me a while to muster enough motivation to watch this episode. For the first time, I did the retiming without really watching.  I guess I'm still bummed out by the not-a-chikan thing. I did another two attempts before I could sit down and watch it through.

I liked the scene in the beginning. Koharu hates her mom but has to do it for her kids. Koharu's mom knows she is lying and wants her out of their lives for Shiori's sake. Shiori the emotional zombie wants Koharu to stay probably because of her guilt except there is no hint of it.  The mom wants nothing of Oguri Shun in the house to torment the poor NEET but Mr. Shinya Shokudo is saying that this is what the mom actually wants. I like the fact everyone's doing stuff for their own reasons and wearing their own masks.

For Sakamoto Yuji to go this route, Shiori cannot be an expressionless girl. The audience needs to see hints of some sort of emotion trying to creep its way out of her mask because we're currently 100% inferencing her motivation and feelings. A good example would be Koharu's smile at her mom. Shiori acts like she's been smoking some weed and is chilling while listening to her music.

Its sweet but you can see she's forcing herself and she's holding something back.Maybe Mitsushima Hikari should have been playing Shiori. The doctors backstory is that his wife died of leukemia as well. Ho hum.

Then we get to the ending scene with Koharu's mom claiming responsibility for Oguri Shun's death who BTW has climed Everest which is a great feat. There's the question of how much of it is real. There's probably a part of her that feels responsible for Shiori's actions. Was it to explain why she doesn't want Oguri Shun's stuff in the house or to drive the point that she's not comfortable with Koharu around? I don't really care either way. A lot of the tension has been lost.

So Koharu is going back to Oguri Shun's hometown and to the delight of squealing fangirls, we will be getting more Oguri Shun flashbacks. For me, Woman has been derailed and lost all that tension from eps 1-3. One can only hope that it gets back on track and doesn't end up like Minna! Esper Dayo!


Cyberwave said...

Although it seems much stories were told about Koharu and her family in this episode (Finally, someone talks about the family of Shin,sigh), I can't immerse into the plot as well. Maybe it's the weekly shift of attitude of these characters made me somewhat confused and difficult to get into,especially the Uesugi mother-daughter couple. It seems the strong resentment between Koharu and these two in previous eps were gone unexpectedly.

There's already nothing more to expect when the story turns into the struggling of a woman for disease, which to me shouldn't be the priority topic of a single mother.

BTW Akiramike-san, the video of musical "Hyakumankai Ikita Neko" starring Mitsushima Hikari and Moriyama Mirai which was recently broadcasted by BS-NHK is available. It does not have subtitle but the dialogue is easy to understand. I can send you the link in case you are interested. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Come on, guys. Lighten up. I agree that episode 5 was a bit of a downer, but episode 6 had its moments. For one thing, the male characters (the stepfather, the dead husband, the doctor, even the woman doctor's husband) started to become more significant. I feel that giving up on this drama this early would be wrong. I think the remaining episodes will wipe out whatever doubts you may have now. :)

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I find this really, really boring now, and it also tries to include too many things. The protagonist being a struggling single mother is already enough for a good story, but they just keep piling on more and more story elements, including the mandatory life-threatening illness, and there's too much melodrama as usual. Now they've pretty much drifted away from what the story should have been about.

I still have two episodes to go on Kasuka na Kanojo. It doesn't do anything new or different, but it's pretty good for what it is, and is slightly less predictable than you'd think. I have also been meaning to look into that new Hirosue drama, even though I suspect it won't be good.

During the past year I've watched hardly any dramas, because they are unfortunately too formulaic and samey. It's like they're all shot, directed and edited by the same person. Instead of dramas, I really stepped up my anime watching, and I think I've seen something like 60 shows since last summer. There's so much more variety (not that anime doesn't also have its conventions), and the episodes don't drag on so much because they're only half as long as dramas.

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave, did you say Mitsushima Hikari and Moteki in a musical???!! I must watch this! Please post link!

There's no way I'm watching the new Hirosue dorama.

I haven't been watching anime at all. I've read Shingeki no Kyojin to see what the fuss is about though.

Cyberwave said...

Here are the links. Just click on the button with the filesize shown and it will download.Enjoy!

Akiramike said...

Thanks! Downloading now!