Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lady Joker ep 1

Applause for WOWOW. Once again, they have crafted a first episode that had me on the edge of seat figuratively even though I knew what was going to happen. There is something about WOWOW directing and acting that makes it miles ahead of almost everything else. Whether its having great directors,  a policy against overacting or an absense of idols, I just wish the other networks could have a similar standard in quality.

Of course, great first episodes don't make a good series. Suitei Yuuzai had a brilliant first episode and it turned out really bad. Jadefrost wrote a review and this is her summary;

While the story is intriguing and the acting is generally good, it is complicated, uneven in some parts and unwieldy because of the many characters and threads to bring together. Do not expect the kind of tension and exhilaration in Marks no Yama. I would choose to watch a WOWOW detective drama anytime over one from the other networks but it might have been better had they been more circumspect in the type of material to adapt to screen.

The first episode had the Marks no Yama thrill for me and I could see interesting conflicts being set up. Like Marks, Lady Joker was previously made into a movie as well. I'd rather it be unwieldy than talking at the audience (Gekiryuu) or just plain bad overacting (Hanzawa Naoki). On a side note, I just can't continue watching Hanzawa Naoki cause of the acting. Every fucking scene in ep 3 makes me want to scream, "Why do you have to overact so much as if its a slapstick comedy??!!!".

Jadefrosts' comments have encouraged me to temper my expectations although I am now riding a high as I type this. I can see where it can get way too complicated. There's kidnapping, industrial blackmail, discrimination, issues of haves and have-nots and the detective from Marks trying to uncover it all. The cast is godlike and its great to see Yada Akiko and Motokariya Yuika in bit parts.

Now the difficult question would be whether to continue watching it raw or wait for incyphe to finish subbing. If only WOWOW shows had Japanese subs. Don't miss yet another brilliant WOWOW first episode. I am ready for a drop in quality but hopefully it turns out to be a solid jdorama.


Anonymous said...

Yup, my thoughts exactly! I've had this episode saved since the day it premiered, but with no subs I've no idea how to understand it. It's looking kickass though.

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Excuse my poor reading skills. As bad as my listening skills.

I second the opening paragraph or so about WOWOW shows and how promising this pilot was.

I haven't obviously gone beyond the first ep to concur on the remaining commentary.
Good to know there ARE subs after all - weee~!

Jung said...

I hear subbing for episode 2 is about 70% done, and is a critical set up episode before ep 3+. So I would wait...

Finally, a show where cops are incredibly smart. Maybe Tokyo Metropolitan Police has their own "sokaiya" working at WOWOW.

Ooh.. kanpai!

xaxa said...

Hi, Akiramike!
Sorry for the offtopic, but do you watch current asadora Amachan? If not you're missing out on everything! You should definitely give it a try.

Akiramike said...

xaxa, I'll keep that in mind. This game called Zero no Kiseki is taking most of my time atm. Keep recommending stuff!