Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Double Tone ~Futari no Yumi~ eps 2-6

I gave the first episode of Double Tone a must watch. The whole time travelling shared dreams with a mystery thing was brilliant. While in the end I can't rate it a must watch, I still think its a pretty good series.

Double Tone is less science fiction and more of a character based dorama. Afterall, the target audience for this show are the older women. We don't really get the do trying to change the past and random stuff happens in the future ie; all the usual stuff we get from time travel shows.

Its more about the two Yumis. One who knows she is about to die and one who is still dealing with death and them having this relationship despite having not met each other. What Double Tone is is a very efficient, straightforward dorama with a high concept. Nothing gets stretched out for too long, except for the creepy detective part.

What it needed to be a must watch in my eyes would be killer acting and directing which is decent but not close to Mitsushima Hikari level. I'd still recommend this dorama. Props to NHK for once again producing another smart and solid dorama aimed at older women, something other networks usually fail at.

On an unrelated note, Dragon's Crown is taking away all my time from doing everything else. Whoever thought that Golden Axe + online RPG would be so addictive...


Jung said...

I think the older woman was the weakest link in this show. Her acting was partly to blame, but main responsibility lies on the director for the miscast, and failing to make the audience sympathize with the older woman.

It's a solid script overall, but the execution could have been better.

jazz lover said...

Maybe it's because I can't tolerate the garbage on American TV that I'm more tolerant of the flaws pointed out in Jdoramas. After all, Jdoramas seem to survive without the need for the mandatory sex, violence and/or car chases found in just about every US drama.

As for Double Tone, I think it was awesome. Why? It just dabbled slightly in a time travel concept but created an extremely unique medium of dream sequences like nothing I have seen before. I was constantly surprised that a particular sequence was dream. Just a very unusual presentation. And contrary to the majority of Jdoramas, I really liked the ending.