Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lady Joker eps 2-7

Goddamit, there was no way I could stop watching after episode 3 and in the end jadefrost's review was very spot in. It starts off as a very exciting detective dorama but becomes overly ambitious in wanting to tackle a lot of issues. If you're waiting for the rest of the subs, be prepared for a drop in pacing. There are no spoilers in this review.


- Good guys who are forced to make very difficult decisions and don't whinge about it. Its like Soratobu Taiya except there is no clear right path. The president has to balance his responsibility to Hinode Beer and its shareholders but also to his family members. You understand why he made the decisions he did.

- Never did it become preachy or the characters feel like they are talking at audience.

- Generally good acting throughout the show including from some actors who are prone to overacting. cough, guy above.

- The villains are portrayed as people and no one turns into gwahaha, muahaha I am evil.

- Mr Lan Evo as the bad cop is fun to watch.

- Akiko Yada and Motokariya Yuika keep my engaged when things are slow.


- Turns from action series with great characters to character dorama with minimal action/thing happening. I wasn't bored cause it had nice character moments but the excitement wasn't there anymore.

- The dialogue is bloody difficult to understand and watching with a dictionary in hand without Japanese subs doesn't help much.


- Someone needs to tell the guy above that only Dragonball Z character furrow their eyebrows all the time.

- Hinode Beer president singing in the 80s.

I really want to give Abunai Keiji a try. Lol. Kamikawa Takaya was in it as well. The first five episodes were uploaded in 2005 so I doubt they're alive now.


jadefrost's review pretty much prepared me for it. The WOWOW doramas losing steam curse strikes again. The only recent WOWOW show that had a great finish that comes to mind is Hitori Shizuka. Not must watch overall but man, the first four episodes were really good. I applaud the effort WOWOW. Now if only someone would sub Furueru Ushi.


Jung said...

the scene with phone ringing at the booth at the end of ep 3 gave me such a big chill.

But I agree the series slowed down a bit after ep 3, but there was a lot of good stuff happening in 4-6.

And of course the last episode was a gem. Who can forget the race track scene with Nunokawa and Monoi. That was just pure sadness, but you saw it coming. And the way Monoi blends into a sea of crowd at 14:42... very nice visual.

Anyway, I can tell you this sub wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the response you gave me when I recommended Lady Joker a few days ago. So it kind of makes me sad that you didn't wait for ep 4-7 subs. But it's cool. Incyphe will finish the sub anyway.

Compared to other doramas, I think this show has narrower target audience... probably 30+ male. So hope if can find some fans among d-addicts crowd.

Akiramike said...

Did you get Incyphe to sub it? If so thanks. There was no way anyone with some Japanese can stop watching after ep 3.

I'm going to rewatch it anyway cause there's a bunch of dialogue that I couldn't even understand anything.