Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Otousan wa Nido Shinu

How funny is it that Minamisawa Nao is doing two doramas in a row where her father dies at the beginning at the series and both series are about discovering the circumstances surrounding her father's death? Outousan wa Nido Shinu is a story whereby the father (Endo Kenichi) dies under strange circumstances and all sorts of information that the family does not know about him comes out at the funeral to the shock of his family.

It starts out kind of funny but it ends up like Shinzanmono which becomes very repetitive. There are some weird things for the sake of plot like the family not being concerned with the circumstances of dad's death until the middle of the series. If you've seen doramas about workaholic fathers, you know what to expect. Why can't Japanese kids in doramas just be grateful someone is working their ass off so they can enjoy life? Very pedestrian but not bad enough to warrant a do not watch label.

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Anonymous said...

Lol about kids not being grateful! So true! They should come to Australia and witness some cultural differences here. And the poor dads for all their effort get one thing. A label marking them as "boring."