Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jdoramas that should be subbed - Summer 2013


Mitsushima Hikari is the best Japanese actress today, Sakamoto Yuji (Chase/Mother) is writing this and the director Mizuta Nobuo also did Mother and Maiko Haaaan! If that is not a recipe for a classic dorama, I don't know what is.

2. DOCTORS 2 : Saikyou no Meii

The dorama SP was good. Is there anything left for the second season?

3. Akuryou Byouto

Kaho as a nurse! Woohoo. Scary dorama by the guy who directed Ring 0. I'll only be watching for Kaho.

4. Keibuho Yabe Kenzo 2

More from my favourite detective with the wig. Can we please have a cameo from Abe Hiroshi?

5. Limit

Sakuraba Nanami in a schoolgirl survival dorama? What can go wrong? Actually, hold that thought. Its still worth a look.

6. Saitou-san 2

No Mimura. :( Their chemistry was what made the first season work. Same writer might recapture that magic, maybe.

7. Meoto Zenzai

Moteki and Ono Machiko playing a Geisha? Yes, please. Let's see whether Moteki can really act.

8. Double Tone - Futari no Yumi

A dorama about 2 Yumis who see each other's lives in their dreams. Sounds interesting.

9. Furueru Ushi

From Jadefrost's synopsis, sounds like a murder + corporate conspiracy dorama. Right up WOWOW's alley.


Will this be the greatest season ever? Woman and Meoto Zenzai will probably end up being good. Can't think of what else to do with Doctors 2. Everything else will be pedestrian, Saito-san will be boring without Mimura and Furueru Ushi will end up like so many WOWOW doramas that peter our at the end. What do I need to sacrifice to the jdorama gods to get 3 must watch shows this season?


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I definitely have my eye on Woman. Mitsushima and Tanimura in the same drama sounds pretty good to me.

Yabe Kenzo doesn't have Kanjiya in it anymore, but the first season was good enough on its own, so I guess I'll watch it.

The bus crash in Limit is probably going to end up becoming unintentional meta commentary on the quality of the show itself. But even if that happens, you can still daydream about being stuck in the woods with Sakuraba.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I believe Heiwa Fansubs has answered the call for Woman - so commitment and quality are assured.
Funny how all the unclaimed doramas make for the most enticing lineup;).
Also, thanks for extracting the Japanese subs for so many shows. It's a great way for me to get some reading practice.

Akiramike said...

JC - No Kanjiya? Who's gonna solve the case for Yabe Kenzo now?

Rootabega, the best doramas are usually the least watched ones.

No prob. I love watching with Japanese subs now unless the subject matter is too difficult to understand. When I come across a kanji I just learned, it makes remembering so much easier.

jt said...

man, it's summer! draining tears of matsushima again? she'll die of dehydration..

that moteki dude has always a chick on his side. what a lucky bastard.. iv read a couple upcoming jdramas this summer at tokyohive.. what about that nagasawa and toda and that karina? eyecandy popcorn drama might give me a try.

it is indeed a good line-up. cant wait. looking forward for honoka, i mean kaho's cosplay too.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega again. Ha, ha some good comments. Call me bananas, but this is the show I most want to see subbed this season (info shamelessly ripped from the excellent Jdrama Weblog):
Pan to Soup to Nekobiyori
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 21 July 2013
Station: WOWOW
Cast: Kobayashi Satomi, Kana, Motai Masako, Mitsuishi Ken, Shiomi Sansei, Minami, Ichikawa Miwako, Kase Ryo, Kishi Keiko   
Synopsis: Akiko (Kobayashi Satomi), who has always lived with her mother, decides to take over the cafeteria her mother had run following her mother’s sudden death and an unreasonable...blah, blah
Sounds boring as hell, doesn't it? But just get a load of that cast and that director (it's a virtual "Mother Water" reunion). After I've covered myself in some excellent dorama filth, these are the pure and simple delights I long to bathe in. The greater the degradation, the sweeter the mental cleansing...;)))

xaxa said...

Excited and going to watch Woman, Yabe Kenzo and Meoto Zenzai. For the rest I'll wait for your reviews :P

Jadefrosts said...

I'm hoping for something good to come out of the two adaptations of Ikeido Jun's stories, Hanzawa Naoki and Nanatsu no Kaigi too. Hopefully none go into sentimental excesses like Shitamachi Rocket.

Furueru Ushi has had interesting moments when the detectives go sleuthing, and some good acting so far. There's added tension from the frostiness between the main detective and journalist characters due to a prior incident. Waiting to see how the build up goes and the remaining episodes turn out.

Akiramike said...

Hanzawa Naoki sounds exciting but the trailer looks pedestrian.

Didn't realise Furueru Ushi's already out.

Anonymous said...

Hanzawa Naoki's first episode was amazing. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Anonymous said...

Being a laid back, soothing culinary-themed drama fan, I cannot recommend Pan to Soup to Nekobiyori any further. It might recapture the same spirit