Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saitou-san 2 ep 1

I absolutely adore Saitou-san. Its the suburban housewife dorama to end all suburban housewife doramas because at the heart of it, its about Mano-san, played wonderfully by Mimura. Season 2 seems to be basically a rehash of season one and if one dorama this season got its casting wrong besides Hanzawa Naoki, Saitou-san 2 with Kiritani Mirei (Arakawa Under the Bridge) as Saitou-san's future friend.

What's with Kiritani Mirei besides the fact that she looks like she is just skin and bones? She's a 23 year old actress who looks like a high schooler and plays the mother of a 10 year old. As bframe said, absolutely ridiculous. The husband must be guilty of statutory rape unless she's the stepmom. Its worse than casting Ueto Aya as a housewife who's been popping too many happy pills. Right from the get go, Saitou-san 2 has lost me. They tried to cover it up with many characters and herself proclaiming how young she is but is she playing a 30 year old who looks 18 at most?

Skipped towards the end and I was so happy when Mano-san showed up that I watched the scene twice. Those two have a magical chemistry between them and that's something Kiritani Mirei will not have with Mizuki Arisa. You're better of rewatching the first season. Why rehash the same story with a actress who is much worse?


dgundam said...

heh for some reason kiritani looks a little like aragaki yui. whenever i see her, i think shes the sluttier gacki lol.
so is mimura just guest starring for a few episodes? sounds like im not gonna watch this.
also is there a search feature in ur site? or a top ten all of all time of dramas you have watched?
like i said the other day, im just discovering your site and being introduced to plenty of good dramas that u would never had taken a look at. from hagetaka to soratobu taiya.
love your analysis and summaries.
keep up the good work.

dgundam said...

*that i would never would have taken a look at.
i wanna search for shows that youve watched that you consider good. im tired of watching mediocre shows starring johnnys boys and other idols that rely on starpower for success and not plot and good acting
kinda sux how no one i know is into jdramas.

Akiramike said...

You can search using the toolbar on the top left or click on the labels on the right column on the blog.

Just work your way though the 'jdorama awards' and 'must watch' labels.