Monday, July 08, 2013

Double Tone ~Futari no Yumi~ ep 1

This season just keeps getting better and better. I was attracted to Double Tone's premise, two women named Yumi start to see each other lives in their dreams. We see what happens during on Yumi's day and then the other Yumi wakes up with that knowledge and so on and so forth. It makes for some interesting drama when they run into people the other Yumi interacts with in dreams.

During the first episode, I was thinking the two Yumis can't meet up right away. They need to milk this concept first before they get together and we get to the next phase of the story. The at the end of the episode, this huge reveal happens that changes everything.

What a great episode. Sell the high concept and then end with a twist that had me scrambling to and dailymotion for episode 2 to no avail. Gaaaaaahh, I want to see what happens!!!! Japanese subs for ep 2 have already been uploaded to jpsubber though and sadly Japanese subs for ep 1 are not available. Whoever decides to sub episode 1 is going to have to time it which is half the work.

Someone please sub this so furransu will upload ep 2. It'll hopefully show up on sooner or later. Hope NHK don't stuff Double Tone up cause they can do some great drama with the concept. Low level Japanese is sufficient for this except for some job talk. Jadefrost's synopsis should get you through it otherwise.


Jadefrosts said...

Check out this link for Ep 2:

evanpinoy said...

Akiramike,i wish that you can do a review on Suzuki Sensei Movie 2013. cause i don't really understand nihongo that well. I already downloaded the movie on FC2 cant find any links on torrent. here's the link to the movie

Shane said...

This was the first drama I've watched without any kind of subtitles whatsoever and still understood pretty much ALL of it. Very good feeling. Thanks for the tip, this is a very interesting show.

Akiramike said...

Thanks Jadefrost.

Congrates, Shane. You've probably realised that you know more Japanese once you've taken the Eng sub training wheels off.

Learn hiragana and basic kanji and you can start watching with Japanese subs.

edenz said...

i try open
video not loading.
Do I need to sign up or smthg?


Akiramike said...

I've got no problems watching on Just noticed Double Tone ep 3 is out on it!

Anonymous said...

Omg tomochika in the second screenshot. She's a onna geinin. I would think she's good at acting