Monday, July 15, 2013

Doctors: Saikyou no Meii 2 Ep 1

I really liked the dorama special but it raised the question of what's left for the series? Season 2 starts of teasing in going in the direction of Moriyama becoming the director of Dougami General hospital. Dougami is going to get a huge amount of money from a bank and Moriyama's aunt wants to retire, go on a cruise and leave Moriyama in charge.

Of course the nurses are in uproar and threatening to quit. Sagara of course has a plan. Looks like the Moriyama gang have gotten ahead of themselves and are not treating their patients properly. One of Moriyama's patients requests that Sagara become her doctor instead and he uses this chance to deal with the Moriyama becoming director problem. (Or is it the other way around)

So in the end everything is back to where it was in season 1. I would prefer episode 1 to set up the direction of season 2 but could we possibly be looking at a rehash of season 1 ala Yuusha Yoshihiko? Episode 1 really does feel like its going through the same motions. Does the writer have new and inventive ways for Sagara to trick Moriyama? Guess we'll find out in the next episode. Doubt Doctors will get subbed so hopefully someone will upload it to d-addicts or I'll just have to download from dailymotion.

Whoever cast her in this episode must have gotten a lot of under the table action in return. Her acting is just so bad.

On an unrelated note, someone's subbing Double Tone which I recommend. So far the 3 episodes are very solid. Could be the sleeper dorama of the season.

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