Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Gekiryuu ~ Watashi wo oboemasuka? ~ ep 1+2

EDIT: Episode 2

I've always found Tanaka Rena to be a decent actress. There's this scene in episode 2 where things go bad for her at work and she comes home, runs into her husband and throws a tantrum, except its probably the fakest tantrum ever. In my mind I was screaming at the director to cut and reshoot the scene. There was no way any decent director would have allowed that crappy performance from Tanaka Rena. Was it a one-shot take? Was she not able to do better?

20 years ago, some students went to Kyoto for a trip and a girl named Fuyuha disappeared. One day, her former classmates receive a mail from her asking whether they remember her. The five classmates reunite and we start to get a glimpse of the lives of these former classmates.

Gekiryuu is two doramas, the mystery dorama and reunion dorama. The meat of it seems to be the five characters and their various secrets. The one thing that will ultimately decide the watchability of Gekiryuu is the mystery. The emails at the moment feel very prankish instead of scar.

I love the casting. Tomosaka Rie, Tanaka Rena, Kuninaka Ryoko and Yamamoto Koji who is losing the battle at the top. Kuninaka Ryoko needs to break out from being typecast though. Unfortunately, the directing is very pedestrian and generic. NHK should have paid the people who did Hatsukoi to do this cause it looks so uninspiring. Hatsukoi was such a visually sumptuous dorama to watch.

Too early to judge this show. Not optimistic but I will keep watching for the cast which also includes Satsukawa Aimi. :) Nice reveal at the end though. 


dgundam said...

boo no love for kiritani kenta? :P
i was excited for this show because kiritani and kuninaka were in it, but so far its just been meh.

on another note, love your site. i just recently found it and love your analysis of kekkon dekinai otoko, my favorite jdrama (already watched it more than 6 times) :)

i cant believe i only stumbled on your site just recently and you have been here for a while. keep up the good work!

Akiramike said...

Glad you enjoyed reading my KDO stuff. I think its my best stuff cause it basically writes itself. There's so much depth to the characters and their motivations.

Mrmz said...

I love the story and its concept, the characters, but the execution is definitely lacking!! I don't know much about Japanese directors but I really wish someone else had directed this show.

Akiramike said...

The writing is worse. Its got the fakest dialogue ever next to Kaseifu no Mita.

Anonymous said...

So did you finish this show? Just watched ep1 but man, a director who effed up such a good premise and solid cast should just retire.?

Akiramike said...

@Anon re Gekiryuu Can't remember. I just remember its pretty bad.