Friday, October 07, 2011

Don Quixote eps 4-11

There's this part at the end of Don Quixote that really pissed me off.

Yakuza about 50 meters away from Shirota and Sabashima and kids in the middle.

Little girl is left alone.

Sabashima to the rescue. Probably never occured to him or Shirota to move away so the kids won't be in the line of fire.

Sabashima crouches down, holding the kid, 25 meters away from yakuza with gun while Shirota is 50 meters away from yakuza. Note where gun is pointing.

Somehow Sabashima gets shot in the waist. I don't know about you but the yakuza would have to be pretty much pointing the gun at Shirota's feet to hit Sabashima. If the yakuza were a crap shot, recoil would have made his shot go higher, not lower. Who's the bloody dickhead who thought this would make sense?! Just because this is a comedy with yakuza playing a stupid card game to decide their leader doesn't give the director license to ignore the rules of physics.

Is this the same director who did the action scene at the end of Shiroi Haru that nearly killed the dorama? There are many ways to make this work better. Eg, kids run to the side and one stupid kid runs towards Sabashima and Shirota. Or kids were passing by our heroes and one falls down right in front. The set up that works best is Sabashima taking the bullet for Shirota.

Don Quixote which is pretty good for the first half tapers of (like most jdoramas) when they run out of new and different stuff of Sabashima to do. Actually, the main problem was they didn't give Shirota anything cool to do. Usually for body swap stories, both characters were used the respective skills and do things different. Shirota may be a chicken-shit but the writers never let him use his brains and tech savvy to solve yakuza problems.

If Sabashima can help kids by shouting and rushing headlong into problems, surely Shirota can solve problems not by violence but by cunning. The only character growth Shirota had was to learn to be a bit like Sabashima instead of realising and utilising his skills. Its still watchable but I'm disappointed that Don Quixote never fulfilled its potential. Its as if instead of looking at all the cliches of body swapping stories and thinking about how to make this the body swapping dorama to end all body swapping doramas, the makers decided to play safe and go for crowd pleasing mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

Reason to watch this show? Uchida Yuki. it didnt reached me to the point on that shooting incident ur pissed off cause i droppped it after episode 3. the exchange in episode 1 was great and that's all there is.

speaking of matsuda shota, there is a Liar Game movie again minus Toda Erika. not that excited though but the Keizoku movie.. im in!

summer is over but the next season seems promising. pandora 3 with stellar cast, shinya shokudo 2, lots of NHK and WOWOW doramas. man, hopefully it will be worth watching. question is, who will sub these shows. i might be busy thanking these guys in the future. haha..

Koibitus said...

Right, who is subbing.

I read on the twitter of the guy who does subs for J-dramas at WithS2 that he's retiring at the end of the year - or something like that. He often tweets in Korean, so Google Translate doesn't always get it right. That leaves you with Jadefrost and Chuks. If they don't, goodbye WOWOW and NHK.

Anonymous said...

Anarchist always say that the same thing every year. but maybe this time it's for real. i hope he could at least sub Shinya Shokudo 2 for one last time.

i was actually surprised that someone subbed NHK's Last Money faster than neutrinos. i mean seldom only do that before. now the trend seems to be increasing on subbing the good ones.

I think jadefrost will sub Shimatachi Rocket and Chuks is working on Suzuki Sensei.

that suggests us to date japanese or people who knows japanese. but that seems to be the hardest thing to do than learning japanese. haha..

Anonymous said...

i was actually surprised that someone subbed NHK's Last Money faster than neutrinos. i mean seldom only do that before. now the trend seems to be increasing on subbing the good ones.

Pray tell where did you find the sub? Thank you.

It was probably subbed because one of the actor comes from one of them johnny group. Fans of idol are usually quite dedicated.

Anonymous said...

Jung said...

Shinya Shokudo 2 is coming? w00t!