Monday, October 31, 2011

Suzuki sensei ep 4

How bloody good is this dorama?! Ep 4 was so good I've forgotten what to write about ep 3. Ep 4 is basically the self destruction of Takechi, the class representative. Takechi is this smart student who has a crush on Ogawa and has a tendency to look down on people. He causes an accident to happen to Nakamura who just reminds me of ex Momusu Koharu Kasumi.

A simple apology from Takechi would have sufficed but somehow he fells like he has to vindicate himself in front of the whole class. Chalk that up to his attitude of superiority. With all the secrets and tension behind the incident, Takechi's whole plan was sure to blow up and it did.

The fun thing is watching him unravel piece by piece. Part of it is good writing and part of it is great acting by the kid. After watching so much overacting and trying to be cool acting from students in jdoramas, its so refreshing to see a flawed character being portrayed. Was Takechi the evil kid in Koukuhaku? Anyway, kudos to his awesome acting.

The implosion of Takechi is done is such a way that you can see what he's thinking and why he does certain things, only that he doesn't realise what he looks like from other perspectives. A true self centred character but I think everyone can sympathise with Takechi having bouts of being self absorbed and not realising the effects of single minded kamikaze revelations.

Ep 4 ends with the mother of all revelations. A revelation so genius that it just blows my mind. All the freaking while I thought Asami was having problems with depression or something. Even better, the revelation leads on to a possibility with Ogawa which the writer could possibly have fun teasing the audience into doubting whether it is actually true.

With so many doramas out right now, I don't feel like watching anything else. Suzuki sensei is so much better than everything else at the moment. So tempted to just watch it till the end. D-addicts has only up to ep 7 but myasiancinema has the whole thing, thought half of it is in flv format. Suzuki sensei is certainly the strongest contender of best dorama of 2011. There has to be more than 200+ people downloading the subs. Can't believe the subs for ep 1 went from 400+ to 288 in ep 2 and we have shit like Hunter going for 1k sub downloads. FFS can the people at d-addicts not realise the greatness they are missing here?


Jung said...

Haha Bounty Hunter is no shit!

But this is a good show. Ep 3-4 were my favorites, and props to Takechi for the maniacal performance.

This show deserves a lot of credit for exploring the taboo subjects in a serious yet entertaining matter. I'm sure enough people found the Yamazaki sensei's role playing scene in ep 3 disturbing. Yet the writer told it like as is.

So I'm a bit puzzled by the low ratings in Japan. Maybe the show hit home a bit too close for many viewers. lolz

Anyway, this too is my favorite. Not a bad thing, because other than shinya shokudo, I haven't found anything good yet. (ep 1 was weak, but 2 was quite good)

Murai82 said...

Hey, first of all, great blog!
We seem to share quite a fair share of tastes in drama.
I'm totally hooked to this dorama.
It was the most realistic school dorama i've seen in a long time.
Not that i don't enjoy unrealistic doramas like GTO, though. But it was refreshing to see something like Suzuki Sensei coming out.
I've seen that you didn't open a post about ep. 3... i thought it was mind blowing, and really sad.
For the first time Suzuki Sensei cannot think of a solution for this problem, because he cannot find one.
Yamazaki sensei, after all, is really a pervert but even knowing that, i pitied him for the cirumstances. But what he have done couldn't be forgiven easily, so he had to resign. I'll see ep. 4 soon.

Anonymous said...

whew! that was a good episode.

The sad and real hard truth about this dorama is that there are casualties involved. in most stories involving kids, there's conflict and in the end, everything seems fine. one hard thing for viewers to be forewarned of is that Suzuki Sensei is not that kind of story. snd that's why i like it.

i think suzuki's girl is bipolar. which caused her to have crazy mood swings. i suggest suzuki sensei to wait for nakamura to turn 18. because i will do the same. haha..

Antspace said...

Nice to see the raving review on ep 4! So deserving! The end of this ep was such a shock, that my jaw dropped inches. Who was he fooling all this time : P
The vision of Ogawa consoling him reminds me of Balthar in BSG : D

Anonymous said...

Kinda OT: Gaiji Keisatsu will be getting a movie in 2012. Best.News.Ever.

Akiramike said...

Jung, you saying Bounty Hunter is good?

I thought she was bipolar but how else could she have known about his fantasies?

Gaiji Keisatsu movie? The Hagetaka movie wasn't that good and didn't something happen at the end of Gaiji Keisatsu?

Anonymous said...

i dont remember if Asami specified the fantasies but her annoyance of suzuki talking about Ogawa kinda left her out. or it's just me who wants that Asami revelation to be real to make the story more interesting.

Anonymous said...

No, if you translate it, Asami said that she was psychic, and when Suzuki went home he said that he refuses to believe in such things.

Anonymous said...

that clears it up. so now it's interesting.

bframe5 said...

Best drama of the year? ^^

bframe5 said...

I take that comment back... it was enjoyable, though.

maiku said...

Wow, I'm glad I read your post. I completely missed the significance of the ending. I sensed she was upset over his Ogawa obsession but I didn't realize how much she knew. I figured it was another hallucination or maybe he'd slipped up and mentioned the fantasies. I hope they run with the psychic explanation. Much more interesting that way. That would explain her poor track record with men.