Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mitsu no Aji eps 1+2

How to get your not real niece who is very kawaii to fall in love with you. Step 1: Meet her at train station on rainy day and tell her you can't come see her anymore because of work/study.

Mitsu no Aji has a premise that seems to have come out straight from an eroge. Naoko (Eikura Nana) falls in love her her uncle Masato (Arata) when he shields her from water being splashed by a bus during a rainy walk from the station and his mole on his chest is apparently a big turn on for her. At that moment, she decided that she would study hard and enter the medical school that her oni-san was studying to stalk him.

Step 2:  Ignore all wet schoolgirl fantasies and do not stare so she'll think you are nice guy. Because she is from the country, she has no idea that the only guys who do not stare are gay.

Yes, there's nothing that says eroge like a niece that calls her uncle oni-san.Unlike your typical eroge main character, Masato does not experience any nose bleeding at the sight of his drenched niece in a high school uniform. Oh yes, in true let's put a loop hole in fashion, Masato is not Naoko's true uncle. He was adopted by relatives when his parents died which would make him a distant relative.

Step 3: Use splashing water from bus as excuse to initiate body contact.

So, innocent country girl goes off to wild Tokyo to be with uncle. Except Masato oni-san now has a girlfriend Aya (Kanno Miho). Aya doesn't want to get married and doesn't want kids which is a godsend to all men. However, upon meeting Naoko, she realises the truth about Naoko's feelings for Masato and quickly accepts his marriage proposal and wants it done asap.

Step 4: Have a body mark such as a mole (use a fake if you have to) so it can be seen through your shirt and arouse her. Hey girls have wet t-shirt fantasies too.

Naoko using her innocent niece powers sees that Aya does not really love her uncle as much as her job and is marrying Masato to because of Naoko. So basic premise so far is innocent country niece wanting to save dumb uncle from scheming fiancee who doesn't love him as much.

Step 5: Don't say anything because it will take all your willpower to resist the urge too look at bra through the wet top.

I really enjoyed the whole evil Aya acting like this perfect girlfriend in front of everyone and only Naoko being able to see through her. Its kind of an eroge twist to your perfectly innocent protagonist having the kitchen sink thrown at her to stop her saving her true love in the mold of Hoshi no Kinka.

Step 6: Wait for her to finish high school and don't hook up with a two faced girlfriend who looks like Kanno Miho.

Now, there are two things that could ruin Mitsu no Aji. First is making Aya not so evil. They've already started making excuses for her with her parents being workaholic doctors and her not being loved. Zzzzz, boring. I want bloody conflict and when I say bloody I mean going for the jugular stuff. Second is Naoko having a potential love interest in Hachi one Diver.

Ooops, too late.

For the love of all that is good and holy, please do not give it a peaceful happy ending where Aya cries out her excuses turns over a new leaf with Naoko going with Hachi one and everyone saying out loud that they have learned something from this ordeal. Anyway I enjoyed the hell out of the first two episodes. It really appeals to ero ojisans like me but fingers crossed it doesn't turn pedestrian like Guilty. Actually I can't wait for Masato's brother to find out about Aya.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


dropped after 30 minutes of episode 1 after realizing that there will be no sex scenes anymore. haha.. even with the eye candy, it cant be helped.

too many s..l..o..w m..o..s...

Anonymous said...

I find myself looking forward to the next episode of this, although I'm not certain as to whether I like it or not. I wonder if EN's character will end up with one of her classmates...

And for some reason, I thought her onii-chan was her father's much younger brother and not some distant relative! Oops...

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

"Step 2: Ignore all wet schoolgirl fantasies and do not stare so she'll think you are nice guy. Because she is from the country, she has no idea that the only guys who do not stare are gay."

It's got nothing to do with being gay. It's just rude and creepy.

Akiramike said...

Jt, but its slow mo wet top.

He is her father's brother, just adopted.

JCS, true, but I would have taken a peek using peripheral vision. :)

Anonymous said...

yah. that's why i survived the first half of it.

keiko1981 said...

Aya wants to waait with marriage...
...and very very very fast get married.
Currently watching ep03.