Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mano Erina Concert Tour 2011 ~Hatachi no Otome 801 DAYS~

The dvd of the concert I went to 4 months ago is out! Well, not exactly the concert I went to since I went to the Osaka one and the dvd performance is from her Shibuya show. Its basically the same thing anyway so yeah, its another way for me to relive one of the highlights of my Japan trip and finally see what those old ojisan fans were seeing with their binoculars.

My favourite part of the concert besides her playing all her piano songs and Genki mono de ikou! was her performance of Daredemo Iwanai de. The lyrics combined with her dance was the ultimate combination of innocent and sexy. The sight of her doing all the gestures with the microphone stand got me all excited.

When I came back from my trip I tried to find any performances of her Daredemo Iwanai de but couldn't as it wasn't a single. IMHO, it should have been but now I get to watch it everyday. :) As mentioned in my post about the concert, the only negative thing was Sekai wa summer party was sung as part of a medley.

Also included in the dvd are the end rolls. At the end of the concert was a montage from of Mano Erina rehearsing for the particular show spliced with scenes of the fans lining up and getting into the venue. This was also shown at the end of the concert I went to which was a nice touch. The knowledge that I am somewhere in the crowd of a bonus clip of a Mano Erina dvd warms my heart.

I am somewhere on the bottom right on the screen.

Now I have an excuse to put on my Mano Erina t-shirt and wrist bands. :)


Anonymous said...

Satori-mas! did she got tired before 12AM? haha.. as for Juunen rewatch, i still havent finished it yet. Haruka Kinami with her limited role + wearing an eye patch seems not worth it.

Akiramike said...

Don't even remember what role she played in Juunen and certainly no eye patch.

Anonymous said...

or maybe Ueto Aya was the eye patch. haha.. it was the first and only Ueto Aya show i've watched so far.