Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita ep 1

My first thought when watching Kaseifu no Mita was what happened to Matsushima Nanako's nose? Did she go see Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon?

Housekeeper Mita who likes to wear a lot of dark make up works for the Asuda family where the mom just passed away. Mita is very competent and is able to recite the name of all members of AKB48. However, she is very robot like in that she can only take orders and sometimes, too literally. Kaseifu no Mita is not Jyoou no Kyoushitsu in a house. Its more of a housekeeper who strictly follows orders with disastrous consequences that end happily.

Despite having two good actors in Matsushima Nanako and Suzuki sensei, this dorama does not hinge on their acting abilities. Rather, how good it is will be decided by the writing and the acting of the kids. That's because Mita is more of a robot housekeeper and the father, played by Suzuki sensei is doesn't have much to do besides act incompetent and order Mita around.

Didn't like the kids in episode 1. I felt they were trying way too hard, especially the scene where they took turns crying. They are trying to milk the youngest daughter for the kawaii factor but it just comes off as too fake.

The writing is a disappointment, specifically the scene where the son punches Mita multiple times in the face. That was a so WTF scene. You're pissed off at your housekeeper and you assault her face instead of maybe, taking the clothes away from her? There is no excuse for beating up on a woman unless you are an evil villain!

Seriously, there was no apology for the assault and no WTF have I done moment following the attack. Only more crying about his mom. Does the writer expect the viewer to care about the piece of crap son who did not have second thoughts about abusing the housekeeper or the father for not reprimanding his son and offering his sincere apologies to Mita? Too early to say don't watch but it is not promising at all.


Anony said...

Was impressed by Nanako's acting and appearance (because she's usually walk in the room WOW beautiful and in this she's not which is a difference) and I think I'm going to like this.

I WTF'd at the punching the housekeeper with no apologies, no "please stay on", etc. too. I'm going to see how this goes. I've commented before, but I'm a fan of some scriptwriters and I can follow a badly acted drama if it has a good story all day long. (This screenwriter wrote the Queen's Classroom and I loved that drama.)

Of course, I suck at telling whether someone's doing bad acting/overacting anyway.

Akiramike said...

Queens classroom had awesome writing with lots of social commentary but Kaseifu no Mita's formula is very different.

Anonymous said...

no, it's not.