Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mano Erina 2012 calender

There was only one calender that I knew I had to get and it turns out to be one kick ass calender. The cover picture is awesome.

This one's ok. Sorry about the light reflection but I can confirm that she is wearing blue shorts in this picture. (Probably jean shorts)

Hhmm, I think Hello Project needs to do an equivalent to the AKB1/48 game and include in the Dream Momusu members. I would gladly pay $200 for a special edition of that.

Love her smile.

Almost bought a Kurashina Kana calender but the small preview pictures on the front of the calender don't look good. I've got also ordered a Nozomi Sasaki desktop calender for use at work but it hasn't been sent yet.

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