Sunday, June 24, 2018

Miss Sherlock Episodes 6-8

Miss Sherlock is finished and I must say it was an unmemorable series. Non of the cases were memorable and most importantly, the chemistry between Sherlock and Wato-san didn't really work. It didn't feel like much of a partnership, I didn't care for her and I found the two police officers more interesting.

I liked the ending. I thought the set up was great. I just didn't care about Wato-san who must be so traumatised by the end that there is no way she can function in society again. Maybe its just the fact Wato-san invited her psychiatrist to her home party.

I loved that Sherlock fired the gun by the gods, why did they have to take that away by making some stupid plot line about he died from the virus first before the gunshot? Are our freaking heroes not allowed to take a life when the lives of millions are at stake? Did Sherlock not 'kill' the villain? I hate this hero cannot kill bullcrap so we need to invent stupid things to get the hero of the hook or get throwaway character to do the killing.

The one thing that Miss Sherlock has proven is that chemistry is everthing. Watchable but forgettable.

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