Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daisy Luck Episodes 1-4

It seemed just like yesterday when Sasaki Nozomi was playing a high school girl in Tenshi no Koi and now she's starring in a arasa aka around 30 dorama. I generally cannot stand arasa doramas not just because every single character is a walking cliche of a 30 year old woman, they are usually bloody annoying whinging about how horrible their lives are when they know nothing of true hardship. (Tokyo Tarareba Musume)

The good news about Daisy Luck is that while everyone and every story is a walking cliche, it actually is fun. Why? I'm not so sure. I certainly don't hate the characters like Tokyo Tarareba Musume and I somehow enjoy how cheesy and predictable everything is.

Maybe the combination of Sasaki Nozomi, Shokotan and Kishimoto Kei from the Gantz movies is better than Yoshitaka Yuriko, Eikura Nana and Oshima Yuko? Or maybe Daisy Luck just doesn't take itself too seriously.

I'm not saying go out and get it. I'm saying Daisy Luck is the first arasa jdorama I can remember where I'm having fun. Surprisingly watchable. Unfortunately not being subbed as far as I know but Daisy Luck is pretty easy to watch. It doesn't hurt that Ashina Sei is in it as well.


dgundam said...

the answer mike is that the girls look much better than the ones from tokyo tarareba.

quick question, where are you getting raws for these shows? vampirexxx and keiko1981 have stopped uploading a month ago and i dont know where to get my jdrama raws.


on another note...getting married and going to japan for my honeymoon. ive got kyoto destinations planned, but as for tokyo, aside from gundam museum to see the new unicorn, and mandrake in akihabara i dont have any idea to bring my bride...she says shes fine whereever i want to go...but i have no idea...anyone have any suggestions on where to go in tokyo? got a week there...

Anonymous said...

I generally like the dramas in NHK's Dorama 10 time slot but I found this slow and predictable. The ending sequence is fun though.
Joshiteki Seikatsu, the previous drama in the same time slot was more interesting to me as the main character (a transgender) had more depth.

Sonna~ said...

I've loved arasa and arafo dramas since I was a teenager, so I think I need to see this one.

dgundam, why don't you head to Nakano Broadway? If you're going to akihabara then you certainly need to go to Nakano.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Forgot one

Akiramike said...

@dgundam VampireXxX has started uploading again!
What about staying in a Ryokan in Hakone or Kamakura? If she's into second hand clothes go to Shimokitazawa.

dgundam said...

thank you very much all for the sites and tourist locations. will check them out. i didnt realize there was a korean following for jdramas out there, i would think they would like their kdramas more lol.

i will try to put those places into my itinerary. booked a place for hakone already. thanks guys for the help!
i cant wait to eat all the japanese food *mouth waters*