Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Innocent Days Episodes 3-6 spoiler review

I finally finished Innocent Days despite the fact I wasn't really into it and it turns out Innocent Days is about this depressed, suicidal woman named Tanaka Yukino who willingly admits to a crime she did not do because she is afraid of being abandoned again. I have no idea how that is supposed to be entertaining or thought provoking in any way.

Throughout the series we get to meet people who have wronged Tanaka Yukino and except for when she was a child, Yukino was also partly responsible for the wrongs. Am I suppose to feel sorry because she's had some bad luck but is also mentally unstable to the point of losing the will to live?

Throughout the series, I did not feel anything for not just Yukino but the other characters as well. Innocent Days seemed like a story about people who did not know how to be happy and did it did not bring me much entertainment despite the talent involve. Maybe someone got something out of this but I tried and did not. Meh.


Anonymous said...

god knows how you got to the end

Sonna~ said...

I didn't even get to the end of the first episode on this one. Glad you watched it and said no.

rora said...

HAVE you seen/heard of the drama bokutachi ga yarimashita ?? I've read some of the manga before watching the drama so I can't judge the drama on its own since I know what's gonna happen. I knew the drama would tone down stuff in the manga because you just can't show that on TV but it was still fun to watch.

Shane said...


Concerning bokutachi ga yarimashita, I have read all of the manga and watched the TV series. Overall it was a pretty good adaptation. They had to tone the sexual stuff down but it was still pretty good. Also, I love Nagano Mei, so I was really happy to watch her in this.

Akiramike said...

@Rora : I've not seen Bokutachi ga yarimashita.