Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Black Revenge review

I wanted to watch Black Revenge for two reasons; firstly to see Kimura Tae in a lead role playing something different from her usual nice person roles as the widow seeking revenge and secondly, there are hardly any shows about weekly gossip magazines and celebrity gossip.

On a side note, Fukuyama Masaharu did a movie about gossip mags called Scoop! and I am 100% sure I wrote a review about it cause I hated the second half so much but since I can't find it on my blog, I must have written it in my head and convinced myself I had typed it out.

The plot of Black Revenge is Kimura Tae's politician husband was set up by people with a fake scandal 5 years ago and it ended with his suicide. Now she is working for the same magazine and is using it to uncover scandals on the people who conspired against her husband.

Yup, Black Revenge is as bad and trashy as it sounds. Everyone overacts like a bad C-movie and the writing is not even passable. For example, the first episode would play Kimura Tae's dead husband's video again and again to the point that its obviously to fill time.

The question is, is Black Revenge so bad that its fun to watch? Nope. I obviously finished watching the whole thing but most of the time I was doing other stuff and I fast forwarded the last few episodes just to see the ending. I guess I kept waiting for it to turn the corner although I so wanted to quit many times.

I don't know how to describe Black Revenge. I guess its the kind of show where I felt I got dumber the more I watched it but its such a train wreck I just had to keep watching. Do not watch.

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Buck said...

I know Black Revenge is a trashy show when the opening scene of the first episode has Kimura Tae speaking alone at 0.5x speed. I doubled the speed of every episode and I could still follow it, something which I couldn't do for other shows. Too many dumb, laughable characters stacked in 1 show. But I like Tae Kimura so I guess having the first lead role in a trash show is still better than having none.