Thursday, June 07, 2018

Jdorama ramblings 7 June 2018

MOB Psycho 100 Episodes 1+2

MOB Psycho 100 feels like a bad version of Minna Esper Dayo! Its got the same premise set in a world of super powered people, the main character is a virgin high schooler but its not even half as funny. I only got through two episodes before deciding to pull the plug although it ended in a cliffhanger. Do not watch.

MISS SHERLOCK Episodes 1-5

I wish I could be more excited about Miss Sherlock since it was two of my favourite actresses Takeuchi Yuko and Kanjiya Shihori but there's something that's preventing Miss Sherlock from reaching good status from me. I can't complain about the production values or the acting. The stories have been so-so but maybe its the chemistry.

I'm not saying its not good but it should be better. Hopefully it ramps up in the second half. Watchable.

UNNATURAL Episodes 1-3

The surprise show of the year maybe. I really don't want to see Ishihara Satomi's lips again after seeing them in so many bad shows, (Rich Man Poor Woman, Shingeki no Kyoujin and Shin Gojira) but Unnatural at least for the first three episodes is above average though not yet reaching good levels.

I was really impressed with the 'action' scene in episode 2 and the sexism in episode 3. It also helps that Arata's charisma is in it. He will always be Tachibana from Yakuza 0 for me.

On a side note, a thought just came to my mind. For murder mystery shows like Miss Sherlock and Unnatural, its very hard to write very good mysteries. What makes these type of shows good is the chemistry between the characters and the side stories and details in the story like sexism in episode 3 of Unnatural and I liked that it wasn't a preachy thing. Surprisingly watchable and I'm going all the way to the end!


Monte Cristo is a very bad jdorama that feels like a vanity project for Dean Fujioka where an old novel is supplanted into a modern day setting without any delicacy much like forcing a square peg into a round hole. Do not watch.


I know I made a promise I would not watch another show featuring Nagasawa Masami's legs but there are nowhere to be seen ...yet. The Confidence Man is a show about super elaborate scams. The overacting is horrible so you know not to take this show seriously and it seems to be about how much more elaborate they can make the scams and keep the audience and the characters guessing is real or fake? Probably worth watching if you want something mindless. I haven't decided if I'll keep watching.


junny said...

Damn, I was looking forward to Monte Cristo Haku and Dean Fujioka. Is the acting very bad as well? Knew it was a bad idea to have a modern day setting for this one. Sigh.

Sonna~ said...

I *want* to like Miss Sherlock, but I can't really get into it. I wanted to like The Confidence Man JP because I like scams (and stuff like Gokuaku Ganbo) but I'm undecided after 2 eps too.

Haven't seen Unnatural nor Monte Cristo -- these days I'm averaging maybe five episodes of anything from Monday - Friday including anime, so I usually end up watching Goro Inogashira-san although the format is really samey.

Akiramike said...

@junny : The acting is your typical jdrama bad I guess.

@Sonna : Have you tried Unnatural? I'm finding its surprisingly good.

Anonymous said...

To this day, I have no idea why Dean Fujioka is a thing. His acting is terrible, just terrible. Is he really taken seriously in the business? Or he's just popular the way Aragaki Yui is popular?

Akiramike said...

@Anon: I have no idea how popular Dean Fujioka is but he hasn't shown any acting ability in Monte Cristo.