Friday, July 28, 2017

Second Japan 2K17 trip Part 2: Hakone Part 1

Its been many years since I first went to Hakone...

.. and not much has changed, which is a good thing.

Sign at Hakone Yumoto station announcing this kabutomushi (rhinoceros beetle) and kuwagata (stag beetle) exhibition at Gora Park.

We stayed at Ohmiya ryokan where I had previously stayed before.

Very important to know your bus timetables.

Spectacular view from Motohakone-ko.

I really enjoyed the feeling of being in the clouds.

Going to Hakone jinja which is a short walk away from Motohakone-ko.

Absolutely beautiful.

Taking the boat from Hakonemachi-ko across the lake. We could not take the boat from Motohakone-ko as the weather there was not good.

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