Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blame! review

I have not read the Blame! manga before. I do know that its by the same mangaka as Knights of Sidonia which I enjoyed until it turned into a harem anime. I've considered reading the manga but I read somewhere that the ending is crap so I didn't.

Since I already payed for Netflix to watch Ouja, I decided to give Blame! a go. The movie starts out very confusing and it took a while to wrap my head around what was happening and who the characters were. It doesn't help that Blame! has the Sidonia artstyle where everyone looks the same. I guess its better than a high school animal featuring 20 girls with the same face but different coloured hair.

Blame! is basically your post apocalyptic movie about a village struggling to survive against zombies machines and our lone hero who helps them out. While the story and characters are nothing to write about, I really enjoyed the world building of the movie. There's nothing we've never seen before but Blame! has got its own aesthetics and flavour. I was less concerned with the characters and more interested in the lore of this world.

Blame! the movie feels like the first two hour episode to an epic story and it certainly did its job making me want to read the manga. If you are after more mature anime, Blame! will certainly scratch that itch and I hope Netflix will continue to pump more money into the mature anime genre. Watchable.

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dgundam said...

read the manga. its pretty good and short at only 6 volumes. read it during high school over a decade and a half ago. very mysterious setting. the ending wasnt too bad. glad you like it. much better than sidonias harem.
so watching any new jdramas? ive found that im not in the mood for jdramas currently. juat got kodoku gurume s6 since ive been getting the series alreaady so had to continue. its more of the same. aside from that havent really found anything interesting.