Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hanzai Shokugun Season 1 Episodes 1-3

Hanzai Shokugun feels like an evil that men do type of series, sort of the distant cousin of Na mo Nai Doku and Petero no Souretsu. The problem I have with the show is that the main character played by Tamayama tetsuji is that he is an ex cop who quit the force because he feels bad about wanting to kill the bastard who murdered his sister.

Yes, you read it right. The main character feels that going into a murderous rage against his sister's killer disqualifies him from being a cop and feels burdened by it. I think anyone would be bothered if he did not fly into a murderous rage instead. Does anyone feel sympathy for such a weak-ass character trait? Is this lame excuse of guilt suppose to build pathos?

Main character aside, I rather like the story of Mimura's character; the unwitting accomplice to a kidnapping scheme cause her character really has pathos unlike the main character who I couldn't give a crap about.

I don't really hate Hanzai Shokugun but I couldn't really finish watching episode 4 about someone switching/fake identities. Maybe I'll come back to it later or maybe I'd just rewatch Na mo Nai Doku. Meh.

I'm losing my jdorama motivation. Need something really good asap. Season 2 is by WOWOW. Maybe I should jump to that instead.


nanimono said...

The last episode of season 1 (the case) is connected to season 2, maybe you need to give it a try again, I really like season 2 :)

Akiramike said...

@nanimono: I guess I'll have to force myself to finish season 1. Excited to hear season 2 is good. :)