Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hakone 2017 Part 2

On the way to Gora Park, we stopped by this nice little eatery for my first ever omurice with demiglace sauce.

Gora Park is a tropical park.

Good thing there are still ajisai that have not died yet.

Missed out on this night train passing by illuminated ajisai by a few weeks. :(

Went to Kurata  for dinner. The same Izakaya I went to during my first Japan trip.

The highlight was definitely the sushi. OMFG, so freaking fresh! Its been a long time since I've had sushi and thought OMFG.

The hirekatsu was very meh.

Walking around Hakone at night after dinner.

Did a detour to a nearby jinjya before returning back to Ohmiya ryokan and also restock my cigarettes.

Offerings at the shrine.

Love this shot. Luckily the light is activated by motion sensor.


youngheartsparkfire said...

Wonderful photos. That dinner looks great! Thank you for sharing!

Sonna~ said...

I honestly thought I heard the Kodoku no gurume music during these last two posts. It has that kind of feel.

I had a feeling you were in Japan -- ugh, it's been a year and a half for me. Dying to go in Jan/Feb again.

Akiramike said...

@Sonna~ A year and a half is too long!