Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hanzai Shokogun season 2

Oh my freaking stars and garters, the season 2 of Hanzai Shokogun is actually pretty good. Thanks to nanimono for recommending it. Otherwise, I might not have kept watching. Not only is it very good, its so good that finally there is a police jdorama to join the likes holy trinity of Gaiji Keisatsu, Gonzo and Rinjo in the Jdrama hall of excellence.

From the beginning of the first episode when we finally find out Tanihara Shosuke's past, season 2 of Hanzai Shokogun is full of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. Well, maybe one too many twists but its get quite a few scenes where I'm just holding my breath thinking how happy be actors must be doing such great dialogue.

I love all the characters in season 2 because everyone believes in what they are doing and will do anything to achieve their goals. Every character has pathos and there is no over acting in sight! I don't want to spoil anything but we've seen plenty of doramas about juvenile crime and revenge but never wrapped up in a package that is as exciting and thought provoking as this.

Season 2 is not just better storyline wise although to be fair to season 1, it does set up a lot of season 2 but the WOWOW direction just makes season 2 look so much better. It just looks so much grittier and movie like compared to the meh season 1. Its funny how having different directors can make the acting look very different. If only WOWOW did season 1 as well. Oh, what could have been.

My only complaint is the unnecessary revelation about Watabe Atsuro's character near the end. The storyline and the ending did not need to have it and it just came out of left field and nearly derailed the ending for me.

In the beginning of the year, I was hoping that there would be one more jdorama this year that would be as good as Quartet and season 2 of Hanzai Shokogun is it. I might do a spoiler review later when I have had time to process the four episodes but Hanzai Shokogun absolutely is a must watch and deserves to be subbed.


Anonymous said...

Watabe Atsuro is in three shows this season. Thank goodness Hanzai Shokogun is good, cos the other two are awful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog many many years ago. I got so busy with work and fell off. I watch jdoramas here and there, but I started to watch this new drama called "Gomen, Aishiteru". It's based on the Korean show. Both are really good. For some reason, I just thought of your blog and google it. I I'm very glad to see that you're still blogging. I really enjoyed your blog and read every update before. I'm glad you're doing well and really appreciate your blogs. Though I try to try every drama, I look to your blog for reviews and recommendations. Anyways, hope you keep it up. Thanks for makign such a great blog.

Akiramike said...

Anon: That's for the kind words!