Thursday, July 27, 2017

Second Japan 2K17 Trip Part 1: Wagakki Band Hall Tour 2017 Tokyo International Forum July 21 2017 updated

Just got back from Japan. :( Its was my shortest and yet might be my most fun trip. I was very busy during the trip with no time to blog but let's get straight to Wagakki Band! I had just seen them in February this year and this trip was actually decided upon one month before.

Lined up 4 hours before because I didn't want a repeat of the last concert where they ran out of XL shirts. Nevertheless, the white shirt and sensui (Japanese fan) were sold out and I'm assuming its because they've run out of stock and its the last show of the tour.

The kids section for parents to leave their kids. The cynic in me thought there would hardly be any kids there but it was quite full after the show.

View from our seats on level 2. I really like this concert hall as its more vertical than wide so you can get a better view. Most of the songs in the show were from the newest album and some mainstays in the setlist.

You can see the sold out signs. Really wanted that sensu. :( Being the last show on the tour, there was a lot more talking than usual but the important thing is that they didn't use it to pad the show and use it as an excuse to work less. *cough* Scandal *cough* It ended up being a 2 and a half hour show.

Wagakki Band poster now hanging in my room.

T-shirt from the concert.

 Back of shirt with list of venues during the tour and penlight.

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