Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reverse episodes 1-4

The mystery part of Reverse feels very tired; People keep repeating the phrase that incident 10 years ago like that crappy dorama Triangle and Kinpachi sensei keeps haunting the people involved in the incident just like in Byakuyakou.

Revelations about the incident are slow to come by but even then doesn't get my excited because it feels like the show going on a merry-go-round where everyone has motive and is a suspect for an episode and it doesn't feel like all the clues are building up to something.

However, there is one good thing that prevent Reverse from becoming another Triangle which is exploring how the incident has haunted the characters who were involved. I quiet enjoyed the characters from Toda Erika wanting to be with Fujiwara Tatsuya despite his past haunting him and the teacher who is all too aware how lies will always come back to haunt the liar.

Unfortunately, the characters aren't enough to get me to sit through the boring flashbacks and I've decided to give up at episode 4. Meh.

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