Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jmovie review: Destruction Babies

Destruction Babies is the most violent Japanese movie I have ever seen and I've seen plenty of B grade blood and guts movies like Ichi the Killer. What makes Destruction Babies so violent is not the blood but the sheer rawness and grittiness of the fight scenes.

The kid from Nobody Knows plays the older brother of two siblings Taira, who is a force of nature and spends the whole movie picking fights with everyone and for no good reason. Soon, Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana's characters get involved him Taira and crazy things happen. Suda Masaki plays a delinquent who is drawn to Taira propensity for violence and Komatsu Nana is a shoplifting hostess

I love how the fight scenes are filmed. They are freaking raw, almost from an observer's perspective. A huge part of the movie is about people's reaction to the violence. I could not look away in disgust as fists and knees pummel skulls again and again, almost like watching a car wreck.

Storylinewise, Destruction Babies is very nhilistic especially with a wtf ending but to me its about how people react to violence. We are disgusted but yet we cannot help but look and take videos and watch in awe.

Destruction Babies is not for everyone but if you're into violent and nihilistic jmovies like me, its a godsend. Very watchable. Destruction Babies and Himeanole show that Japan can continue to make excellent movies.

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Anonymous said...

one of the best japanese films i've seen this year. can't wait for oboreru knife.