Thursday, May 18, 2017

Big anime reviews roundup 18/5/17


If you look on the internet, you could be forgiven for thinking that Berserk was the worst anime ever with all the complaining and moaning about the stiff CG and animation. While the complaints may have some merits, its still Berserk which means its better than 99% of all anime out there. I love how we finally get to see Guts' new group in action! I look forward to it every week.


Nicely paced 11 episode anime about two teenage terrorists and this girl who gets caught up in their plans. I watched this based on a recommendation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mature and beautifully animated, Zankyou no Terror is why I like anime. While watching I kept thinking who was this producer who got this show greenlit with a very good budget cause its not a shallow popular anime. Very watchable but I hope they never turn it into a jdorama.


Don't let the loli main character full you. She's actually a Japanese salaryman stuck in this alternate reality world war scenario with magic and flying witches. The main appeal of Youjo Senki is that we have a smart, pragmatic main character who knows what he wants and schemes to get there instead of the boring nice characters who luck their way to saving the world. My only complaint is the whole loli thing is so unnecessary but its Japan so whatever. Watchable.


Beautiful anime with fantastic character design. Based on a smartphone game, the story is generic and sometimes headscratching but its saved by nice character dynamics and very good pacing. Kept me entertained until the end. Surprisingly watchable fantasy anime. I wish the story and characters were from an old school RPG game instead of smartphone trading card freemium game. Watchable. Did I mention it looks so pretty?


Gangsta at first glance looks like my kind of anime. Its about two handymen who do all sorts of jobs in this city where lawlessness rules. My big problem with Gangsta is the world building. We've got the four factions and anti-twilights stuff but the world doesn't feel real. The characters explain a lot about the world but don't really see any world building stuff. You can say I feel like the world is lacking in details. I gave up 3/4 of the way. Meh.


I've kept my expectations low and its been surprisingly watchable and even at times exciting.


This feels like a crappy version of Ore no Imouto mass produced for the otaku masses with no soul. ZZzzzz.

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