Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hyakuman en no Onna tachi episodes 1-5

At first glance Hyakumen en no Onna tachi seems like your typical harem.

Shin is a struggling writer when one day, 5 women turn up at his house.

All five received a mysterious invitation to stay with Shin and to pay him hyakuman en every month for rent.

What are the contents of the mysterious said letters that made these 5 women spend so much money to live together with Shin?

What are the true identities of the women who clearly must be loaded enough to pay hyakuman a month in rent?

Who is the person who sent the letters and what is the purpose of the exercise?

We slowly get glimpse to the women's back story one by one and they turn out to be interesting.

I'm just happy its not the typical anime sob story problem where the main character fixes it by being nice and going Dr. Phil on the problem.

Up until episode 3, Hyakuman en no Onna tachi was ok but as it is bframe's recommended show of the season, I soldiered on.

Then the end of episode 4 happened and now I could start to see the show heading into interesting places. I don't care its got a harem premise as long as it leads me down interesting places.

I downloaded the first episode from nyaa. You can stream the series from 7tv7dorama. I've got a add-on for downloading streaming videos on my Opera browser so I can download the episodes. Very intriguingly watchable and could potentially be very good in my book.


youngheartsparkfire said...

Hope this comes out with subs sometime! How is Araki Yuko's acting? I've always loved her as a model but I seeing her face on the small screen may or may not be a good thing...

Akiramike said...

@youngheartsparkfire. Araki Yuko does a decent job. Unless the rest of the episodes get uploaded to Nyaa, the chances of it being subbed are nil.

Anonymous said...

Please check out netflix. It has subtitles.