Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Nyaa is dead! Long Live Nyaa!

As everyone on the internet knows by now, the biggest free anime tracker nyaa is gone because a Dutch court ruled that fansubbing is illegal. While nyaa was mostly known as an anime tracker, it was also a great source for jdoramas, jmovies and raw manga.

I had a whole bunch of jdoramas and movies that I was procrastinating on downloading before nyaa got taken down. Where else can I download raws for 100man en no onna tachi?

While this is ruling is for the Netherlands, who knows whether other countries will follow suit? There are so many questions to be answered. If a fansub was created outside the Netherlands but hosted on a server in the country, would the host be liable? What if three different people were involved in the creation of a subtitle; the translator, timer and editor and the timer lived in the Netherlands?

Fansubs are such a grey area of the law that I don't think most courts would want to make a ruling on it. The best way for rights holders to get their money is not going after fans but by making their product cheaper and easier to get. (I'm looking at you and your digital mangas)

Goodbye nyaa. Now that you are gone, I miss you so much. :(


Unknown said...

really sad but now they i cant grab most of jdrama form they official free online watch.
but it not good 720p

even more sad that because lately it not law suit from japan but from dinosaur in america or eu.
it really more sad in my country is a lotttt harder to get legal coppy of jdrama than get a girl from club.

junny said...

Sad for the demise of nyaa. It was a good resource while it lasted. It's getting harder to find jdramas now :(

dgundam said...

its getting harder and harder to get jdramas. if only it was famous as kdramas.
nyaa was a huge resource, very sad to see it go. i was wondering what happened to it. meh...if only jdrama dvds were cheaper. i remember buying kdo from and it was so exorbitant.

Bobo said...

I upload stuff sometimes, and I'm just tired of it getting blotted from existence and having to re-upload it elsewhere. My u/l speed is ass so I end up having to leave my computer on all day. At least this time I was smart enough to also u/l on AsiaTorrents :/

Sonna~ said...

It really is hard to get Jdramas now. Kdramas are so easy to find -- I think the Korean government even supports official subbing or something. I wish I liked Kdramas more. :/ I've tried 20 or so, but found I only liked a few of them.

Antspace said...

Ashamed to say I'm Dutch. I didn't hear anything about this in the news, but Nyaa is probably a small fish (cat) here in the Netherlands.
I have been out of J-Dorama for a while. Many things happened in real life...
Just starting to get back into it and this happens : (
This is another blow to D-Addicts which I still love dearly, although it never has been the same since they stopped uploading torrents . I hope a new source for Japanese drama's will appear soon.

Akiramike said...

@Antspace! Great to hear from you! Getting jdoramas is really hard now unfortunately.