Sunday, April 30, 2017

Where to download jdoramas now?

Once upon a time, a jdorama addict could get all the shows from the d-addicts tracker. Unfortunately one day it had to close and we had to download our shows from multiple places:

1) jdramacity - Only 'popular' shows were uploaded and only those which someone was subbing. Looks like its not active for this season.

2) doramax265 - My favourite place because it had a lot of movies as well and I liked the smaller file sizes. Unfortunately inactive since a few months ago.

3) doramax264 - Too many ads attacking you left and right. Tried once, never again.

4) nyaa - Currently the main one. Doesn't have everything and uploads are a bit slow.

5) avistaz - Better for movies and only has mainstream jdoramas.

6) - The new private tracker that is currently open for registration this weekend only! Make sure to get in! Only place to get Onna no Naka Iru Tannin!

7) Chinese streaming sites like - Only place to watch shows like Daddy of Light. I have to physically block the Chinese subs on the screen with a piece of paper as its annoying.


BlueKelah said...

Stellar post. Things used to be so much easier. The Eng subbing seems to take forever at daddicts sometimes too. I used to depend on yyets chi subs. damn gotta learn some basic jap at least soon.

Do you use Asia Torrents (private tracker too)? let me know if you need an invite.

Anonymous said...

I wish x265 would come back. :'( was mentioned in a daddicts post. The site seems pretty new and I haven't used them myself, but they have a mixture of recent Japanese dramas/movies.

Anonymous said...

yea encoding x264 and x265 too, so it's my main source for jdorama

dgundam said...

thanks guys. i usually go to doramax264, 265 and jdramacity and didnt realize the new season has already started since there was nothing new at jdramacity. well at least it doesnt seem likes theres many nice new shows this season.

Anonymous said...

@dgundam yep, j-drama that has been made subtitle so far is so boring. need sub for drama that has bakarythym in it this season

Anonymous said...

chinese,taiwanese or korean trackers are pretty good options too