Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Crisis Episode 1 completely lost me with its first action scene.

Crisis starts off with terrorists wanting to kill a minister on a shinkansen. First off, I like that they've gone with a more Jason Bourne fighting style instead of the usual tokusatsu style where bad guys just throw themselves on the ground left and right.

Very happy to see an armbar and someone's arm getting snapped.

So bad guy still has the bomb set to a timer that is going to blow. Oguri Shun presses the emergency stop button on the Shinkansen and open the door overlooking a river.

He takes the terrorist and bag with bomb and jumps into the river TOGETHER!!!!

There's a freaking explosion followed by stirring music.....

.... and Oguri Shun is alive!!!!! WTF????? Do they not learn physics in Japan or have any common sense? No freaking human being can survive a blast next to a bomb underwater! The freaking shockwave should have destroy all four of their the lungs. Seriously, Oguri Shun should have just thrown the bomb out.

But no. Action jdoramas priorities trying to look cool at all costs to the point of stupidity. I couldn't even be bothered continuing. I just cannot effing stand this! I feel like rewatching Gaiji Keisatsu to wash off this stupidity.


Anonymous said...

I too find these nonsense scenes to be more annoying than I should. Its like every single drama is a live action anime, where it never sets out to be realistic at all. I find it even more frustrating when these deviation from logic happens in the middle of the drama, and you're somewhat vested after watching a few episode.

gustave154 said...

how in the hell did they think this was realistic?

Elweiss said...

This scene pissed me off so hard and all the episode I was like "WHYYYY ?" but I continue to watch it and you should do the same, it's a very good show despite this retard move.

BlueKelah said...

There was still 18 seconds, ample time for them to both hit the water (2-3secs) and swim away (15seconds should have been enough time to get far enough)

But yes he could have just chucked the bomb into the water since it was in the bag, no need to go down. I think they just had to have him jump to do the chick waving and rest of crew awkwardly waving scene.