Thursday, June 01, 2017

Kuzu no Honkai Episodes 1-3

What happens when a girl, Mugi likes her oniichan who is also her teacher and a guy, Mugi likes his music teacher who was his ex-tutor but both their one-sided loves are unrequited?

They both decide to become a fake couple and use each other to relieve their sexual frustrations.

At first, Kuzu no Honkai felt like a cheap generic shoujo manga show with but every episode ends with a very exciting reveal and I rather enjoyed how 'adult' the dorama was.

While I wish they had a bigger budget to make make it more beautiful, Kuzu no Honkai's story  so far has been surprisingly interesting and well paced.

The acting is kind of meh but nothing off-putting.

I'd rate the first three episodes as surprisingly watchable.

I'm interested in seeing where the characters go from here.

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