Thursday, June 15, 2017

Midnight Diner / Shinya Shokudo movie 2 2016

The second Midnight Diner/Shinya Shokudo movie is finally here, and can be gotten at avista! Like the first movie, its more of a collection of short stories instead of mixing being one two hour story.

However, I found the three stories to be pretty good and fun to watch, especially with the subtle jokes that long time fans of the series will enjoy very much.

The third and last story is the longest and features a lot of the supporting characters all doing a small role which made me enjoy it more.

While I would still prefer the Shinya Shokudo movies to mix their stories together a bit more, the second movie is a lot more satisfying than the first.

This series can never get old and everytime I watch it, its like revisiting old friends. Must watch cause its better than the first movie.


junny said...

Ooh, is that Tabe Mikako in the last photo? If so, that's great. I loved her story in the first movie.

Akiramike said...

@junny Yes, that's Tabe Mikako and she has a decent sized role in the last story.