Monday, June 26, 2017

Hyakuman en no onna tachi Episodes 10+11

EDIT: Ooops. I assumed there was no episode 12 because there was no preview at the end for the next episode but bframe just informed me there's one more and I should not get my hopes up for it. Its probably going to be a week before it shows up on streaming sites.
And so it ends not with a bang but a whimper. We finally found out who the mastermind is and my only reaction is... eh? There is no finality, no aha or omfg moments. I was sitting there thinking, "That's it? After all that build up?"

It so disappointing to see a show with interesting characters and story possibilities end with nothing. Hyakkuman en no onna tachi kept me on my toes through the series but a mystery show is as good as its ending and this was a let down. A big meh from me. I wonder if the original manga has a better ending?

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