Monday, June 19, 2017

Chiisana Kyojin Episodes 1-5

Chiisana Kyojin is basically the cop version of Hanzawa Naoki, which means overabundance of stirring music, overacting villains and unnecessary posing and shouting. In other words, its a good cop vs bad cop show where the word subtlety does not exist.

It doesn't mean that Chiisana Kyojin is all bad though. What kept me watching throughout the five episodes were the actors involved, especially Yasuda Ken although the overacting did grate on me somewhat.

Playing my 3DS which watching also helped me though the cringeworthy parts. I did enjoy the first story which was about Hasegawa Hiroki trying to uncover the police mole, shades of Infernal Affairs except its not half as good.

Chiisana Kyojin is what it is. Those who liked Hanzawa Naoki will enjoy it the colourful villains who have a neon sign above their head saying 'I'm a bad guy' and those who have Hanzawa Naoki will find this to be a tolerable version.

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