Thursday, June 02, 2016

Yureru / Sway movie review

This has been on my to be watched list for so long and somehow I thought about watching it and did so. Odagiri Joe and Kagawa Teruyuki are brothers. Odagiri's gone to Tokyo and become a photographer while Kagawa is stuck back in their hometown working for their father at a petrol station.

So you have two brothers who are very different. One very hip and speaks his mind and the other is stoic and filial. Maki Yoko is Odagiri's old flame and works for his brother. The three of them go on a trip together and something happens and Kagawa is arrested.

The second half of the film is about the court case that flows from the incident and there are two things that make this movie fun: first is that we have no idea whether Kagawa is really guilty and secondly, the court case is basically a euphemism for the divide betwen city and rural life and Odagiris desire to run away from his country roots.

I do have big problem with this movie and that is with the big twist which relies on a wound which to me looked very old but was supposed to have been new. I have had my skin scratched badly before and it gets very red and takes time to heal.

Kagawa's scar looked very old and it seemed like he must have gotten the wound when he was a child or something. If the wound actually looked fresh instead of a scar, I don't think the reveal would work cause most people can put 2+2 together and wonder why the police weren't even concerned with it.

Good movie that ultimately stumbled over itself in the end. The devil is in the details and one important detail and undo a movie with good acting and tense moments. Meh.

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