Sunday, June 05, 2016

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Eps 1-8


Attack on Titan with zombies mixed with Snowpiercer.


+ Beautiful detailed 90s inspired artwork. I'm sick of the moe round face style used by so many light novel adaptations. The characters look like 90s anime stereotypes including Sakura from Sakura Wars.

+ Hero is not a boring nice guy who solves problems by being nice.

+ Train driver chick has muscles. No I'm not a muscle fetish guy but too many strong chicks with slender arms in anime.

+ Its violent and like Attack on Titan people die.

+ Its a zombie anime on a train! As long as its about survival and people doing bad things without being too simplistic, it can't go wrong.

+ Did I mention it looks very pretty?


- Feels a lot like Attack on Titan and it takes a while for Kabaneri to find its own voice.

- Some of the adults are a bit simplistic. Like almost everyone on the train saw our hero saving the train but the anime makes it like everyone is against him being on the train. I get the Kabane fear but surely there must be more people not motivated purely by fear.

- Hero is a bit too 90s in that he loves shouting stuff without actually thinking it through.


I'm not crazy about Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress but its got enough positive things for me to keep watching. Its not Berserk but its not Isekai Seikatsu either. At the very least, lots of pretty animation to look at. Watchable.


4545 said...

The first two episodes blew my mind and having an Attack on Titan vibe did attribute to that. The script/pace was so well-done. Then it kinda dipped a bit and plateaued out when the focus shifted from an impending doom into a political/conspiracy one, I think. Still good but not as great as the initial episodes.

I like the main guy's voice actor. Didn't check but he sounds like the dude from Ushio and Tora.

dgundam said...

first few episodes were good then it turned into force cliche annoying main character mode.

you will not like the main characters in the most recent episode. ikoma because he became an idiotic idealist while mumei became a raving blind fangirl.
i think that by the end of this series it will not be watchable

Akiramike said...

dgundam: Yeah, they're trying to shoehorn in a black and white hero who acts like he's in a shounen manga into a grey world.