Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Uzumasa Limelight

I effing love Uzumasa Limelight. It ticks all the right boxes of a feel good movie for me. I know every beat of the movie that is coming but its just oh, so enjoyable. Its as if the movie were made for me or something.

Uzumasa Limelight is the story of Kamiyama, an old man who specialises in being killed in old samurai movies and tv shows.

Unfortunately for him, times are changing. Chanbara shows are no longer popular and in order to appeal to the younger audience, talentos who are not concerned with authenticity are cast in the shows and cg swords are used.

Kamiyama finds work drying up. Being killed in chanbaras is a skill that is no longer valued while being an extra in other shows requires no acting at all and is unfulfilling.

This young girl Satsuki appears and wants to be an extra.

She seeks Kamiyama's help in sword fight training and becomes his pupil.

Satsuki finds success because of her skills and becomes famous. You can guess what the ending is going to be and its one hell of an exciting fight scene.

I love the casting of Uzumasa Limelight. Kamiyama is a real life kirareyaku in his wrinkled face emotes to an audience more than those old actors with plastic faces we see all the time.

I was surprised to find out Satsuki is a newcomer who is also a wushu champion! Hats of to the casting manager for going for the most important thing which is believably and she can act better than anyone from AKB48.

Cinematography is exquisitely beautiful.

Ultimately what makes Uzumasa Limelight work so well is not just that its a wonderfully executed feel good movie but that you can feel the love for chanbara throughout the movie. Must absolutely watch movie.


Barron said...

Thanks for reviewing this movie. After reading your post, I watched it and loved it! That ending scene was amazing. Chills!

Unknown said...

i wacth it long time ago is really great movie the ending just so powerful so perfect ending.

Akiramike said...

Barron - I wish I could watch that ending scene with an audience.