Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kiseki no Hito Eps 4-8

Kiseki no Hito is just a visual delight to look at.

Jdoramas are a visual and audio medium and often times, the camera seems more concerned with capturing and idoru's face rather than the beauty of the moment.

The way the camera is positioned is almost as much part of the storytelling is the script and the acting.

I watched Kiseki no Hito just thinking about screencapping every scene.

Looking for beautiful screenshots in Kiseki no Hito is so easy that it should be illegal.

The show definitely would not have worked without Aso Kumiko's acting.

I am glad her character is not extreme anime level tsundere.

My big problem with Kiseki no Hito is whether it deserves the 'must watch' label.

The acting, music and visuals are all great.

In the feel good disability genre which used to be popular but has been usurped by the crying porn fatal illness genre, Kiseki no Hito is near the top.

However, I have this feeling that there is something missing in the storyline to push it to must watch level for me.

Kiseki no Hito just stands on the border of 'must watch' for me and is highly recommended.


Bobo said...

Hey Mike, since you travel to Japan so often, do you have any favorite places you'd be willing to share? I'm going in October for 3 weeks and am overwhelmed with ideas.

Anonymous said...

Have you watched Hibana Spark? It's Japanese drama produced by Netflix and has many beautiful shot (and so many long take scene) too. The story so far is so good too (I'm on ep 6. It has 10 episodes and already completed). You can watch it if you have netflix or just download it on torrenting site like kat[dot]cr. It's about manzai world and I'm curious about your thoughts :D

Akiramike said...

Bobo, what sort of places are you looking for?

If you are talking about jdorama related places, then Odaiba for Fuji TV and Tokyo character street are good places to start.

If you are looking for places to eat, click on the Japan label.

Anon - I am going to watch it soon. Now going through the some unsubbed shows.

Sonna~ said...

Again, I'm glad you're watching the crying porn and talking about it. It seems like a great drama, but I can't get into that kinda stuff.

Bobo, I know this isn't directed towards me, but has a list of where dramas have taken place if you want to visit a few famous places. Japan-guide is also a good place to start.

I went to the TBS store in Akasaka Sacas because our hotel was near by on trip IV. It was small and not that great. However, I loved the Akasaka area. It has the right balance of places to eat, stuff to buy, and it's not overwhelmingly busy like Shinjuku but not sleepy like the place on my Japan trip III.

Bobo said...

Thanks, guys! We're probably gonna do Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto with stops in between. My friends don't care much for jdrama so we probably won't go out of the way for it. We'll definitely check out Akasaka. Ittou sounds great, I'll mention it to my friends.

It'll be 3 females in our late 20s. I guess we're looking for unique/weird experiences. We've got a bunch of animal encounters and temples so far. Would love to know some good photography spots.

Akiramike said...

Bobo - A good photography spot would be Himeji castle which is an hour's ride from Osaka (If I remember correctly)

If you're a fan of the Kenshin movies, you can check out Miidera temple is Otsu, which you can get to from Osaka as well.

A unique experience would probably be the robot show in Shinjuku which I've never gone.

If you're looking for a drink in Osaka, I recommend Hakushe, just outside Fukushima station.

Bobo said...

Thanks, Mike! We will definitely be going to the robot show. I hadn't read about Himeji, it looks beautiful! I will mention it to my friends. Hakushe, too. Thanks for all your help :)