Wednesday, June 08, 2016

5 ways Juhan Shuttai! Eps 3-7 got better

1) Kokoro the obnoxiously genki, overacting asadora main character becomes more of the main supporting character.

2) The supporting character take turns being the main character instead.

3) Usually in jdoramas, its the super idealistic character who changes each character's viewpoint per episode or reminds them of what they used to believe in etc but in Juhan Shuttai its the individual characters themselves that solve their own problems and Kokoro does do it for them or lecture them into submission. The best way to describe it is that the world doesn't revolve around the main character but rather Kokoro is the POV character for the audience to experience this world.

4) I love the story about the two aspiring mangakas, one a talented BL doujinshi artist who can draw beautiful pictures but has problems with names and one who has crappy art but has the talent in doing names. Its the type of blood sweat and tears that the Bakuman movie did not have time to do.

5) Yasui the crusher. I was watching his episode thinking what he is saying is not wrong although he is sort of portrayed as the bad guy. I love that its not a story about Kokoro reminding him about his ideals but its a story about Kokoro realising why Yasui does what he does.


I am bloody glad I stuck around past episode 2. My only complaint is way overuse of the stirring music everytime someone says something cool or emotional. Juhan Shuttai! is not the first jdorama to overuse it but music is suppose to enhance a scene, not be an overly manipulative signal. Overall, Juhan Shuttai! has gotten pretty good. Very watchable for me.

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Sonna~ said...

I really like this one too. It's ... comfortable in a good way. Not "preachy" or "convert the person of the day" just thoughtful and nice.