Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kamogawa Shokudo Eps 1-3

It seems like the jdorama trend now is to add food to any genre and in Kamogawa Shokudo's case, its the detective genre or more specifically investigating the past of people seeking to taste a dish they once had.

The good things about Kamogawa Shokudo are that its a laid back food show to make you very hungry and that it looks good unlike Saigo no Restaurant, which is coincidentally another NHK show.

The bad thing is that the concept of investigating someone's past and recreating food with a touching ending does not leave much wiggle room for the stories.

Its always going to be some contrived situation where some sort of misunderstanding/ignorance which gets revealed after the investigation so we can get a food + waterworks scene at the end.

The three episodes have been very bland and I do not foresee the episodes getting any better. I have been wrong before (see Juuhan Shuttai!) but I give Kamogawa Shokudo a meh.


Anonymous said...

This seems awfully similar to Shimeshi - is remembering past meals the new thing in Japan now? At least this doesn't ensure with lingering shots of Nespresso being made and served, which made Shimeshi seem more like an infomercial than a series.

Anonymous said...

Not "ensure" -- I meant "end"

Akiramike said...

Anon - There is a feeling of it being a bit of a travel infomercial since someone has to go and find out the recipe.